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Fisher-Price Elmo Live! Doll

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The 2008 version of the Tickle Me Elmo doll is Elmo Live! The latest Elmo improves on the TMX Elmo, with more realistic movements and the most lifelike Elmo doll yet. The beloved red Sesame Street monster moves his mouth, legs, head, and arms as he speaks, telling stories and jokes, singing songs, and playing interactive games.

The new Elmo doll is sure to be one of this year's top Christmas toys and is expected to sell out early, just like the TMX Elmo and Tickle Me Elmo before him. Don't miss out! If you want this great Christmas gift for your child or grandchild, the time to buy is now, before the stores run out of stock and the prices go up everywhere.

The Fisher-Price Elmo Live! doll is in stock now, but not for long. For the cheapest price for Elmo Live, get him now while you still can!

Elmo Live Details

The new Fisher-Price Elmo doll is activated by touching his foot, tummy, back, or nose. He is about 12 inches tall, uses six AA batteries and is intended for children 18 months and up. Elmo is so lifelike and interactive, he'll be your child's favorite Christmas toy.

The new Elmo doll moves his mouth realistically as he speaks, and as he talks he sits and stands, crosses his legs, and moves his arms. The Elmo Live! doll tells jokes and stories, plays games, and sings songs. Just like TMX Elmo and Tickle Me Elmo before him, Elmo Live! comes to life with a tickle or a squeeze, but now he is more lifelike than ever.

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The 2008 Tickle Me Elmo is sure to be one of the year's top Christmas toys. Don't disappoint yourself and your children by missing out, and don't spend more than you have to buy waiting too long to buy. Find out if Elmo Live is in stock right now.