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U-Dance Game by Hasbro

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The U-Dance game by Hasbro is the most innovative video dance game available. Unlike games like Dance Dance Revolution, U-Dance does not use a dance mat or controller, and it is plug-and-play, which means you can plug it right in to your TV without any game system hardware like the Wii or Playstation.

The U-Dance game uses motion sensors called Motion Tags, which fit over your shoes with an elastic strap to sit on top of your feet. All your dance moves, including steps, jumps, and slides, are transferred to your TV screen with amazing accuracy and realism. Grammy-nominated artist Chris Brown calls the U-Dance "the best dance game out there."

Video dance games are incredibly popular this year and are sure to be at the top of many teens' and tweens' Christmas lists. The U-Dance game is already on backorder at many retailers, and the dancing game is sure to be in short supply as Christmas nears. Don't wait to buy the U-Dance if this is going to be a must-have gift for the holidays.

U-Dance by Hasbro Details & Specs

The U-Dance game comes with a Motion Tower, AV cables, and a pair of Motion Tags. The game system requires 4 AA batteries and a TV with AV jacks. A Phillips screwdriver is required to install the batteries. The game is intended for ages 8 and up. There are three play modes, one for dancing and two for dance and step minigames. Dance Floor mode has three difficulty levels and 12 popular songs to dance to.

In Dance Floor mode, you can choose from three difficulty levels and dance along to a song, trying to match the steps and timing of the dance. Dance well, and your performance is evaluated by the game's judges. Progress and high scores are saved, and you can even challenge a friend to a dance in two-player mode.

Don't Wait to Buy U-Dance by Hasbro

With the popularity of video dance games, the U-Dance will certainly be a hot item this Christmas. If you're planning to buy one for the holidays, don't wait for them to sell out. Learn more about the U-Dance and buy now while the game is still in stock.